Mission Statment

To bring a fresh perspective to consumer electronics, without the use of complicated jargon.

Our Ethics

The writers of NomaDirect.co.uk believe in the right to free expression that every human on this planet should have. As such, they are free to offer their opinion without fear of holding back what they really think. They do not accept money for links or offer any kind of guest posting opportunities, in order to maintain the integrity of the channel.


Starting out as a forum to help tehchnophobes get to grips with new smart phone technology, the first iteration of NomaDirect.co.uk came under the name of SmartPhone Busters. SMP was moderated by a grop of enthusiastic technology obsessives who loved nothing more than to scour the internet for news about upcoming releases, whilst also ushering in a new generation of technology users. After the server hosting SMP was shut down it seemed like the jig was up, however it was decided that the spirit of the forum would live on under a new guise and with a new missions statement.

NomaDirect.co.uk exists today to offer a fresh perspective on consumer electronics, and whilst all content on the site remains the opinion of our writers, they are still writing with the intention of helping those who haven’t a clue about tech get their heads around the ever-changing technology of the modern world.

What Our Founders Says:

“We’re so pleased that we can continue offering a fresh, unbiased take on the state of technology. We believe that tech offers people of all walks of life the opportunity to simplify the processes of their lives, giving them more time to do things that really matter. If our blogs can help just one person achieve this feat, then this whole site will have been worth making!”

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